What we can offer for your bespoke - luxury safe build 


Why choose us? For one reason and one reason only we build the safes for most of the other safe companies offering bespoke safes as a service that is why by coming to us direct not only do you save money we give you that bit more time, detail and prestige which is often lost when other companies are only interested about there proffit and try and get the product for the lowest price this always reflects in the quality of the finished item. When we build a safe for you direct we will put any amount of time into the safe to give you the best you can buy and will always spend that bit extra in time and money to get perfection


Depending on the size of the safe it is possible to specify the number of Watch Winders you require, the number of drawers and even the layout of the compartments within the drawers.

You are then able to choose the exterior colour of the safe, the wood finish of the interior and the colour of the lining and stitching.

With such a wide choice there is almost an infinite number of options available to ensure that there is no other safe like yours in the world.

AML Luxury Safes are not about appearance alone, they are robustly engineered to offer a high level of detail and prestige.

From the fabrication of one of our bespoke safes to the hand-crafted finish of the interior, the attention to detail in an AML Safe results in an exemplary fusion of craftsmanship. Only the finest materials are used in their construction, with purpose made fittings and hand finished detail adding value and authenticity followed up by we never build two the same and pride ourselves on being a true in house team of skilled craftsmen who want our safes to be seen and appreciated.

The process of ordering a AML Safe is a personal and bespoke service – an executive team-member guides you the customer through the design process and monitors each safe through every stage of its development. All new safes we buy in are manufactured in the UK with stringent quality control at every stage of their construction.

For those with more modest requirements we have included in our design prosess a fast fit kind of service we basically buy in a new safe for you change small details like colour and interior fittings then deliver it to you giving you the special treatment and a bespoke safe but as fast as a normal safe could be delivered to you and still retaining that indiviuality and all our hallmarks of quality, style and attention to detail.

We have not forgotten that the purchase of a Luxury or bespoke Safe raises certain logistical problems too. We have our own delivery teams who can deliver, install and commission your new safe. Because of the size and weight of the safes, we will usually need to carry out a pre-installation survey. Otherwise we can arrange delivery direct to your own agent.


Our background.


We have been in the Locksmithing and Safe engineering business for 25+ years now and prior to that the owner of the company was a mechanical engineer and is skilled in Metal work, Welding and Machining.

Our other team members have various other skills to assist in our business these include carpentry, upholstery, spray painting, vinyl work and other general skills.

We are proud to say we have these skills and that is why when we say your bespoke safe is built by us, its built by us in house and we will only use a third party when we feel it is beneficial to meet a certain standard.

We think, with our skill set, if you were to choose ourselves to do work for your company you would not be disappointed and we will always work with your ideas and make them a reality.


Here at aml we believe we are one of the only manufacturers of true luxury and bespoke safes in the UK.  At aml we know that clients expect attention to detail and innovative design and believe that a bespoke safe’ demands more than a coat of paint  Precious objects command optimum care and their owners appreciate exquisite form above monetary value. At aml we believe that we have the opportunity to uphold the British tradition of engineering innovation with quality, producing bespoke safes, luxury safes and security enhancements for discerning customers.


We handle all the work from concept to creation and always think side ways so if "you think it we will build it".

We love design, innovation and manufacturing and would love to hear from you with your ideas and work with you to create a truly individual and exclusive safe. Please do not hesitate in contacting us or sending us sketches or ideas for a safe. We can work to any budget with a high standard of workmanship.


If you already own a safe that you want us to modify, customize or restore please dont hesitate in contacting us we can offer any of our services on your safe and will collect and deliver it completed and can work with any budget.

bespoke safe
The design process
With your ideas and our imagination we can create  a true one off safe that combines style and function

When you approach us with your ideas we always look at the job with the final design in our heads. We then discuss your budget, wants and ideas and start the designing process around what you require.  We then forward the design to you so you can amend, add or change the design so we get the exact finished article. Once we have settled on a design we send a finished design to you as a proof then once we get the approval and deposit we send a completion date and start the process of making the safe,


We will document through photographs the build stages of the safe for yourselves to have with the completed safe.

bespoke safe
Fabrication materials
steel, aluminium, stainless steel, fibreglass, carbon fibre, kevlar and plastics

We can fabricate the body and all other parts of the safe in various materials to suit your style and requirements. We can offer anything from a standard square steel box safe to a full on show piece for your business incorparting items used in your business as structual and visual parts of the safe build. We can build safes any size and any shape, so you want a pyramid safe with a round door covered in sand paint,we say," No problem".


We work with steel, stainless steel, aluminium, fibreglass, carbon fibre, kevlar and plastics. We do all but the plasic work in house so that we can offer you a very personal safe build with 100% originalty and with our fabrication skills we can offer alot more imagination when it comes to style, function and design.

Our in house fabrication

of safe's.

Interior design

We offer a vast amount of unique interior options for your safe  - from plush upholstery to hidden personal storage options anything is possible with a bespoke build.

bespoke safe

The inside of your safe can be very personal. We create various interior racking and draws to hold jewellery, coins and watches with velvet,leather and flocked linings tailored for your own items and can include automatic watch winders all made from any material in any finish.


We are now constructing interior drawers, racks and fitments in carbon fibre and kevlar all laquered in 2k vehicle laquer for that gloss finish. 


  • We can design custom thermadoors for your cigars to stay safe and fresh.

  • We can include static and revolving wine racks within larger safes.

  • We can build gun and ammunition racks all tailored for your guns.

  • We can construct hidden areas within the safe to hide valuables.

  • We can build jewellery storage tailered to your personal needs

  • We can build coin racks or storage cylinders to keep coins in perfect condition with easy access to remove one to all coins fast.

  • We can include twin watch winders or banks of watch winders to keep your watches time correct and to keep the movement working. 


We can source matching textiles and leathers to match the interior of the safe to anything from your favourite car interior to denim jeans.




Paint and finishes
This is one of the most important and personal stages of the design and can make the safe look truly individual.
bespoke safe

The finish of a safe is a very personal and inportant stage of the design because if this is done poorley the rest of the design falls short.


We offer a wide range of finishes with 90% of them done in house, we use a local professional for certain paint finishes and a local apulstery company for all leather work here is a brief list of whats available.


  • We can complete any paint job from a black gloss to full airbrushed designs all in matt, semi gloss and gloss finishes.

  • We can wrap any safe in laquered or polished wood and verneers.

  • We can cover safes in leather and other fabrics for a unique finish

  • We use a local company to print our vinyl wraps these can include anything from camaflarge to your company logos and colours please note with wraps we have to have joints on and around the safe.


We can match colours and finishes to anything from your car to leather chair.


With everything we do give us the basic idea and we will construct a safe that is visually stunning and meets the users needs.


bespoke safe

Interior Lighting

We like to offer unique interior lighting for your safe  - from simple led's to full constellation designs.

We try to offer a mixture of interior lighting effects these are more to suit what kind of interior fittments you have into the safe.


  • We can work with single led's to create star constallations style cellings within the safe

  • We like to use led down lighter's for a single light at these are bright, safe and avaible in multiple colours.

  • We use alot of single unit led lamps these are a one piece unit with four led's in one unit so small but bright.

  • We can put led strip lights in the safe which can give a suttle glow to a super bright lighting option


All our led's can be supplied in a wide range of colours and can be conected to a driver and reciver with a remote to set your own colours and themes to create a full bespoke lighting option.


We have developed our own way of turning the interior lights on this is done by our hidden switch that when the door is opened the lights turn on then once the door is shut the lights go off this is all 12v so is perfectly safe and there are no visable wires. 


All our electrical work is done by a qualified electrician so it complys to regulations and is installed in a safe manor. 

bespoke safe


We like to offer our unique electroplating service, all finshes are available on all parts of the safe.

This is our newest venture we have struggled in the past to get what we want when it comes to electroplating, we always got various problems from the platers we used so now we have taken the plunge and set up our own small system and can now offer any part of any safe plated to perfection.


  • All our plated finishes can be gloss, matt and brushed

  • We can also plate the plastic and non conductive parts of the safes

  • We also offer anodizing on aluminium parts

  • We offer metal blackening on steel items this is a matt black coating

  • We offer 9 to 24 carat gold plating and rose gold finish

  • Bright chrome finish like whats found on a cars

  • Standard nickle its like chrome but sligtly more yellow

  • Black chrome very nice suttle darkness within the chrome

  • Silver plating like whats found on jewellery


Then all these other standard finishes, brass, bronze, copper,cobalt and tin


We have achived perfection with the items we have done to date because we have put extra efforts in to the base metal and the copper layers to get them super smooth and polished so the top layer is perfect.