We offer removal and construction of vaults and vault doors.


We have been constructing and removing vaults and vault doors / bookroom doors and strong rooms since we started the company.

We have removed endless amounts of doors and frames mainly so old vaults can be made into a useful space again, we will do a site survey then give you a price on the work involved, we are usually the cheapest in the uk for this service as we do most other removals for other companies who say they can do this type of work. We have all the skills and equipment to remove vault doors from ground level and basements and have a team of staff who can handle the weights involved.


We pride ourselves on being the one of the best in the uk in this field and with one of our team members being skilled in demolition we know the correct way what parts of the building need supporting when removing these doors and vaults and we are totally safety consonance and comply to all regs and health and safety when we do any job so the works are completed safely and we are totally committed in been green and recycle and reuse anything we can and source other uses for the waste off the vaults to save  them being disposed of in land fill.


For all enquires reguarding vaults and vault doors weather it be installation or removal please use our contact form or call 07891 774976.

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New vault door instalation.


Here at aml we can handle any aspect of vaults and vault door instalation on most new builds of vaults we like to handle every part even if contractors are used to poor the concrete walls we like to oversea that everythig is done right, we have a high standard of warkmanship and always finish a job.


We can handle the instalation of bolt togeter vaults and weld together, we have fully trained staff members who are traned in welding and spraying which are nessesery skills in completing the vaults and doors


We can handle doors from light weight book room doors to our personal heavyest were in a cash sorting office in essex which were 5 ton.

Vault demolition.


Vaults are made in many different ways they can be brick built out of concrete blocks sometimes with a steel mesh linner, then we have the poured concrete style these have immence rebar and mesh in them to keep the structure solid these are typically the hardest to remove, then onto the pannel type vaults these come in two types a concrete steel skinned pannel welded together on each seam these require skilled cutting to remove and finnally the bolt together pannel type all though these seem the simplest visually to remove we have set ways of supporting the pannels whilst unbolting takes place.


We are totally comitied and strict on health and safty with vault removal as with the weights involved things could go wrong very fast.

Vault door removal.


We remove vault doors and bookroom doors, the difference between the two are simply the thickness and quality.


We offer removal of bookroom doors on a single day pull out service, we have achived this numerous times and remove the frames for free where most companys charge for frame removal we handle the whole job and can bring in external contractors to repair where the frame have been.


vault door removal has a little more work involved the doors are heavier and the frames are tied into the walls with bolted pannels and ties, we quote for removal in two stages the door plus the frame seperate this is only due to the extra labour involed but most of the time we complete the removal of both door and frame for less than most companies charge for just the door.

Internal safe deposit boxes for vaults.

safe deposit box



When you require extra storage with in the vault there are numerous ways to achieve this, one way is to fill the vault with safes for added security this is found mainly on banks..

The most impressive but the most expensive is safe deposit boxes these come in build together banks of mixed or set style boxes they lock together and can be from one bank of ten to a whole room these are typically found in safe deposit centers, we offer a supply and fit option or you can personally buy your own and we just supply the skilled labour and equipment and build them for you.


For any information on these please contact us.